I chose to wear rudraksha on the strong suggestion of a famous astrologer in my city. He told me to wear a kantha of 11 mukhi. 32 beads total. He also told me he can procure the rudraksha through his sources in Nepal. I trusted him and gave him the money. After some days wait he gave me the kantha. He had told me of many benefits of 11 mukhi. And after some months I also found it mildly effective. Meanwhile I read a lot about rudraksha on internet and came across RRTL. I keep going to Mumbai for business and decided to visit RRTL. There I got all my rudraksha tested. RRTL has state of art technology. It turned out that out of 32 only 5 rudraksha were genuine and the rest were 5 mukhis that were made into 11 mukhi from outside by carving extra lines. RRTL told me about the number of inner compartment being equal to number of mukhis externally. And I understood the whole fraud. Thanks to RRTL. When I told the palmist about the whole thing he too was shocked and swore he will never buy any rudraksha from that person. I don’t know whether he knew about everything or not. But I will certainly not buy any rudraksha or gemstone again.

Chandan Singh,


I bought a 10 mukhi Rudraksha from triambakeshwar temple from one of the shops nearby. The shopkeeper convinced me of its genuinity by his mere marketing techniques. But my instinct told me to check its authenticity again. On searching the net, I found out various techniques like sinking bead test, etc , but I wanted a more scientific method for its test. I came to know about RRTL and got my bead tested in their state of the art scientific lab. To my utter disappointment, I found that Rudraksha fake.

Umesh Singh,


One of our family pundits suggested my wife to wear a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. As he was our family pundit, we trusted him totally to get us this Rudraksha. We also purchased this from him. But I thought of testing this Rudraksha as this bead my punditji also got from one of his accomplices, whom he also didn’t know any better. So I got this bead to RRTL lab and found it to be a stick on Rudraksha and not a GAURI SHANKAR. There were two rudrakshas , a one smaller than another which were stuck with each other to have them look like a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha.

Suraj Aggarwal

New delhi

A friend of mine went to Kathmandu for business. I pleaded him to find some time and buy a 14 mukhi rudraksha for me. He obliged me and went to the shops near Pashupatinath Temple where he found a hi-fi shop. There he bought a 14 mukhi for a very high price. I also spoke to the shopkeeper from Delhi on phone. He sounded genuine and assured me about the rudraksha being original. When my friend came back I was overjoyed and got puja done for the rudraksha. After wearing it for 2 years I met a person who told me that the rudraksha looked original but might be a duplicate. He also told me about RRTL. I contacted RRTL and sent them the rudraksha by courier. They tested it in their lab and sent me the report. It turned out to be fake. I was heartbroken. I thought even buying a rudraksha from near Pashupatinath temple was not safe. Cheaters are found everywhere. One shouldn’t trust blindly. But I thank RRTL for opening my eyes.

Shantanu Guha,

New Delhi

I bought a 1 mukhi Rudraksha from haridwar in which there were image of trishul on one side and a shivling on another. In my enthusiasm I showed this to my uncle but he was not very positive about it and insisted me to check it from a reliable agency. I came to know about RRTL through net and immediately sent my bead for testing. Unfortunately it was tested fake .They even advised never to buy such rudrakshas with any spiritual designs on them as they are all man made and no natural Rudraksha have any such designs on them.



Trijuti is rarest of the rare rudraksha and I felt that I was the luckiest person on this planet when I bought one through a trusted seller. I paid a very high price for it and added it to my rudraksha mala. I already was wearing many high mukhi rudraksha and was very proud to add a trijuti to it. A business associate of mine advised me to get it tested at RRTL. On a visit to Mumbai I went to their lab and got the trijuti tested. To my relief the bead was an original and I was so relieved. But at RRTL I got to know that many trijutis sold in market are indeed fakes and one should always be extra careful when buying rare rudraksha.

Sundar Malik,


I had few rudrakshas from my great grandfather, which I cherish a lot and have them as a legacy from him. I got them tested from RRTL lab and found them to be all very genuine. I thank RRTL for their scientific method of testing

Mahesh Singh Yadav,


My father has been wearing a eight mukhi Rudraksha , as he’s a firm devotee of Lord Ganesha. Due to his faith, I wanted it to be purely original. My Friend recommended me to test it at RRTL. I followed his advice and found it to be genuine.

Anita Sharma,


Just out of curiosity, once I bought all types of carved rudrakshas from a vendor near one of the temples. I had an idea and have also read that these carvings on the rudrakshas are never real. But I wanted to assure myself of such a belief . while surfing on net about the testing of real rudrakshas, I found RRTL. I immediately took all these rudrakshas to them and found them to be all smaller mukhis which had been tampered to be higher mukhis by either making lines on them or making spiritual designs on them.

Srinivas Ramanujan,


I bought one mukhi Rudraksha from teleshopping and to my utter disappointment found it to be a plastic make Rudraksha. The RRTL technicians didn’t even had to machine test it, they could make out by visual inspection only that’s its not a Rudraksha but a plastic

Vaidehi Mishra,


I had bought 18 mukhi Rudraksha. It was quiet expensive. Wanted to get it tested to prove its money worth. I had bought it from a genuine known source. To my relief, the bead was authentic as tested by RRTL.

Sunil Pandey,


I have a full trust and confidence in the service of RRTL as I have personally seen the testing methods and have understood their processes. I have many times used the services of RRTL in the past

Renu Dhiman,


This is one of its kind Rudraksha testing laboratory that I have come across. Thanks so much for it.

Vishal Dhawan,


I was about to purchase this higher mukhi Rudraksha of 17 facets from a well known source. Fortunately I came to know about this Rudraksha lab, and I decided to get this bead tested before buying. To my utter disappointment, it was a 10 mukhi Rudraksha which was carved and made out to be 17 mukhi. I thank RRTL with full gratitude

Gitanjali Puri,


My father has given me a beautiful mala of few rudrakshas which I was not aware of the mukhs. So as to know the mukhis of those rudrakshas, I got them tested in RRTL. Not only my beads were tested but were remade into a beautiful mala all over again, which I am wearing regularly.

Bijoy Chandra,


An uncle of mine had gone to stay at some ashram for some time in Rishikesh. There became very close to the guruji. When leaving the guruji gave him a 13 mukhi rudraksha as a gift. My uncle gave it to me because he know I love rudraksha. I read a lot about 13 mukhi on internet and got very excited but I also became suspicious on somebody giving such a high price rudraksha for free. I took the rudraksha to a person who knows a lot about these things. He assured me the rudraksha was genuine. I started wearing it but even after 6 months I saw no change in my life and did not feel any effect whatsoever. Then on the internet I saw RRTL website and decided to get my rudraksha tested. I sent them the rudraksha and they confirmed my suspicions. It was not a rudraksha at all. It was made of very high quality plastic.

Deepshikha Gaur,


Many of my friends and family members wear rudraksha and I tell everyone to get their rudraksha tested by RRTL especially the higher mukhi beads. Today there are so many fake rudraksha in the market that one can never be sure. I personally get my rudraksha tested by only RRTL.

Ramit Mohan,


When I came across RRTL on internet I called them up and asked them to test my 5 mukhi Nepali rudraksha mala. But they told me it was unnecessary as nobody sells 5 mukhis because they are so abundant and cheap. So there was no need for testing them. I appreciate their honesty because they could easily have taken the rudraksha for testing and charged me money. Thanks RRTL for being a true friend of Shiva bhakts.

Sonia Chatwal,


RRTL is god sent for rudraksha lovers. My best wishes to them. Keep doing god’s work.

Ramrup Tiwary,