Dr. (Mrs.) Archana R. Juvekar

Professor in Pharmacology,
Since August 1986 – To Present (More than 31 years),
Institute of Chemical Technology,
University of Mumbai,
Matunga, Mumbai,
Maharashtra –400019

About Dr. (Mrs.) Archana R. Juvekar

She is a pioneer in Research on :

Evaluation of anti inflammatory activity of Rudraksha in Experimental Rats
Evaluation of Cardio protective activity of Rudraksha on Experimental Rats
Ant-diabetic Activity Evaluation of Rudraksha Powder in Experimental Animals
Evaluation of Antidiabetic Activity of Rudraksha in Experimental Mice Acute Toxic Study of Rudraksha Powder in Mice
Evaluation of antihypertensive activity of Rudraksha in Experimental Rats
Evaluation of Nootropic activity of Rudraksha & Mercury in Experimental Mice

Dr. K. S. Laddha

Faculty, Institute of Chemical Technology,
University of Mumbai,
Matunga, Mumbai,
Maharashtra – 400019

About Dr. K. S. Laddha

Dr. K. S. Laddha (Ph.D.Tech.), is a faculty at Institute of Chemical Technology University of Mumbai), for more than 25 years. He has been actively engaged in the research and development in the field of Natural Products of Herbal origin. His expertise lies particularly in development of extraction technology, extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents and standardization of herbals using phytoconstituents as markers.

Dr. Harshad M. Pandit

(Former) Head of Department/Associate Professor in Botany,
Department of Botany,
G. N. Khalsa College,
Maharashtra – 400019

About Dr. Harshad M. Pandit

Dr. H. M. Pandit (Ph. D.) was a former faculty at Khalsa College, Mumbai in the Botany Department for the last 25 years. His specialization is in cytology and he has been engaged in identification of plant materials particularly medicinal plants by its morphological features and microscopical techniques.

Dr. S. S. Mhatre

About Dr. S. S Mhatre

He has a post graduate degree in Chemistry and has been a leading Analytical Chemist since 1983. He has done pioneering work in developing various tests for analysis and extraction of elements from various Industrial products. He is the Director of Cera Labs Pvt limited since 1998.The lab is a leading institution for Environmental research and one of the foremost Analytical Laboratory. He has also done chemical analysis of Rudraksha and helped to identify and extract chemical elements present in Rudraksha.

Dr. J. S. Limaje

About Dr. J. S. Limaje

An Alumni of Govt. Medical College (Batch 1972), Nagpur, started as a Lecturer at GMC, Dept of Pathology. He served GMC for 6 years. Also worked as Research Associate, Atherosclerosis, Dept of Surgery, University of Virginia Medical Centre, USA .

Dr. J.S. Limaje, joined Swargiya Dadasaheb Kalmegh Smruti Dental College & Hospital, in the year 2007, as Reader and Head of the Department of General Pathology. He was a Vice Dean - Medical and working as a Director- Medical at present.