Rudraksha Research and Testing Laboratory (RRTL) is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Laboratory involving testing and authentication of Rudraksha and other spiritual products.

Rudralife, a pioneer organization in the field of Rudraksha, are core promoters of Rudraksha Research and Testing Laboratory (RRTL). Due to a lot of fake beads in the market a need for the scientific and rigorous testing of Rudraksha beads had become a necessity. Rudralife approached people, through the media, in search for those who would be interested in setting up a laboratory for testing of Rudraksha. In the absence of any credible response Rudralife decided to remedy the problem itself.

This determination led to in house study and evolving of test methods and they also involved experts from reputed institutions and private testing laboratories to firm up most reliable testing procedures. The team consisting of eminent professors from Mumbai University, private testing laboratory and doctors contributed to properly establish a testing laboratory which now has become a most reliable testing laboratory in the country for testing of Rudraksha.

Panel Advisors who contributed in establishing testing norms for Rudraksha included the following apart from our own team: Dr. K.S. Laddha (Professor in Pharmacology, .I.C.T. University of Mumbai), Dr. (Mrs.) A.R. Juvekar (Professor in Pharmacology, I.C.T. University of Mumbai), Dr. Harshad M. Pandit(Dept. of Botany, G.N. Khalsa college), Mr.S.S. Mhatre(Director- CERA Lab. Pvt. Ltd.), Dr.J.S.Limaje(Consultant Pathologist).

Even though being a part of Rudralife, RRTL from its beginning in 2006, was independent in its operations. The sole purpose of RRTL was to evolve and establish test methods based on scientific laboratory practices, where the authenticity of the Rudraksha can be tested, quality checked and graded according to natural and tested properties, and to put these testing methods into practice.

RRTL is the first in the world to establish the unique X-Ray tests which show the internal compartments to appropriately classify Rudraksha according to mukhis. It is now an accepted botanical fact that the number of mukhis as seen from outside are equal to the number of internal compartments. This is a golden test to determine the exact number of mukhis. Although, it is true that in most cases the internal number of seeds (each compartment has one seed) do not mature fully, yet it exists even as a small dot. One needs skills (similar to that of a Radiologist) to study the X-Ray.

RRTL is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Laboratory. It is a known fact that under the garb of faith, innocent people get cheated and duped by unscrupulous traders, supplying impure or substandard items as there are no universal standards for testing. RRTL, since its inception, has laid down benchmark specifications and are trying to include these in the standards of Government recognized institutions like the Ministry of Ayush or other related institutions.

At RRTL we believe that the market of Rudraksha should be rid of all the fake beads and the people who supply the fakes should be prosecuted. For this to happen, the customers need to wake up to the quality of the Rudraksha and need to become aware of the testing methods. RRTL is the first effort of its kind in this direction and its success has only proved that the customers do care about the authenticity of the Rudraksha beads that they purchase and wear. It is our earnest desire to ensure that everyone buys and wears Rudraksha that are tested and verified scientifically by experts in the field.

We are proud to claim that we have reasonably succeeded in our efforts to firm up testing procedures for testing of Rudraksha of any facet accurately.