Digital X-Ray Machine

for observing the internal structure of the Rudraksha bead

Weighing Machine / Digital Micrometer / Vernier Caliper

for determining the weight and the physical dimensions of the bead

Specific Gravity Tester

to determine the density of the Rudraksha beads and hence the potency

Vacuum Oven and Dryers

to remove moisture from the bead

Boiling Water Bath

to check the thermal stability of the joints (weakness of joints in case of Gaurishankar or Trijuti) and also to check the presence of plastic in part or whole of the Rudraksha bead.

Shore Hardness Tester

to determine maturity and also for classification of Rudraksha based on their hardness

Electrical Conductivity Tester

to determine the electrical power and hence the potency of Rudraksha

Compound Microscope

for detailed microscopic examination of Rudraksha

Equipment for Herbicide Treatment of Rudraksha

often for storage of large quantity of Rudraksha this treatment is done to keep away insects

Melting Point Apparatus

the objective of this is to determine the purity of material under testing

Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

for cleaning the material under testing